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Hot Beverages

Expresso                                R14.50

Double Expresso                                                                                                      R24.50

Expresso Decaffeinated          R16.50

Café Latté                                R18.50

Café Branco                             R16.50

Cappuccino Foam                   R18.50

Cappuccino Cream                  R19.50

Don Pedro                                R27.50

Irish Coffee                               R37.50

Hot chocolate / Milo               R18.50

Tea Rooibos or five roses        R14.50

Tea Cha Verde or Cammomile       R16.50

Cold Beverages

Coke, coke light, dry lemon, lemonade                             200ml    R12.50  

Soda water, tonic water, Tab, sprite, sprite zero,            330ml    R14.50

Coke, Coke light, Coke zero, Fanta      

Milkshake                                                                                           R27.50        


Tropical Punch/ Orange Juice, 100% fruit (Glass)     R19.50

Appletizer   (330ml)                                                       R21.50

Red Bull                                                                           R27.50

Guarana                                                                          R18.50

Grapetizer                                                                       R22.50

Lipton Ice Tea                                                                R18.50

Liqui Fruit (100% fruit)                                                R18.50

Passion Fruit/Lime Cordial/Kola Tonic                      R8.50

Mineral Water Still                                                        R16.50

Sparkling water                                                             R17.50


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