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T.Bone  350gr                                                                                         R85                   

Filete steak Mesa style (grilled with a secret mushroom sauce  R122.50

Fillet grelhado ou frito (Fillet steak grilled or fried     R117.50

Bife a Maria (Frito) Rump steak fried (it is delicious   R99.50

Bife a Portuguesa (Fried) Rump steak with egg    R112.50

Rump Steak Grilled        R99.50

Trinchado fillet         R117.50

Trinchado rump         R110

T-Bone Grilled ( Costeleta de carne 500gr               R112.50

Espetada a Madeirence        R99.50

(Cubes of rump, served on a skewer with fried maize or chips  

Grilled pork chops (costeletas de porco grelhadas    R92.50

Febras de porco grelhadas       R92.50

(Tender pork scallops grilled, basted with lemon butter sauce

Spare ribs, grilled in marinated (sweet sauce     R112.50

Prego no Prato (Rump        R75

(Served on the bread, with egg, chips and salad     

Bitoque (Rump served w/round chips egg and salad   R77.50

Lamb Chops     R110

Dobrada com feijao branco (Tripe Stew w/beans    R97.50

Rabo de Boi com feijao (Ox Tail this is delicious    R135

Frango a Mesa (Grilled Chicken)      R95

Frango a Mesa (Grilled Chicken Large)     R110

Half Chicken         R72.50

(Hot, Piri piri, Mild or lemon and herbes


Lemon butter sauce, garlic sauce, piri-piri sauce, pepper sauce, tartare sauce

Mushroom sauce, sour sauce, cream garlic sauce, cheese sauce  R17.50

Full chips, Meal patties, (Milho frito) Onion rings crumbed  R25


All Main Meals Served with Chips and salad, or rice and salad

Extra portion R20

(Meals are freshly prepared and can take up to forty five minutes)

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